The post-credit scene of infinity war indicated that Captain Marvel is going to play a very important role in Avengers: Endgame. But after the movie, it seems completely senseless to have put a post-credit scene which made here look important. She did save iron man’s life, but that also brings up questions as to how is she know the exact location of stark’s ship and how did she get in touch with the Avengers and was also explained everything that’s been happening.


Marvel for a decade has been putting good use of post-credit scenes for putting it in continuation. Without being caught up with the post-credit scenes, its impossible to understand why Bucky was in Wakanda with Black Panther looking like Jesus. Cmovies Captain Marvel barely had any screen time in the endgame. This is the first big plot hole that marvel has given in a decade. If captain marvel was such a huge asset, then why wasn’t she in the whole movie except at the beginning and the end.

The arrival of Cmovies HD captain marvel was first prompted in the post-credit scene of Avengers: endgame when nick fury anticipates his death and sends a signal to captain marvel. The female protagonist showed up at the Avengers HQ and motivated the remains of the team to go and fight Thanos, get the infinity stones, and revive the universe. The team finds Thanos, Thor kills him, but they don’t get the infinity stones. After this event captain, Marvel covers a wider territory in the space but doesn’t even bother looking into the doing of Avengers as they create a whole into the fabric of reality. After all this, in the endgame, she comes to earth and kicks asses of Thanos’s army like she new everything whereas she should have been more clueless than Ant-man, but she isn’t. If the post-credit scene was to make sense then she should have been the one to snap her fingers wearing the infinity gauntlet and, in that way, stark wouldn’t have died either, and since she is so powerful the use of infinity stones wouldn’t have affected her. The character was thought to be the center of attraction in the movie, but she didn’t even play a significant role. This time it was a bit understood that in such a long film, it was impossible to add how captain marvel arrived and saved Tony Stark. That’s why this time the fans would have to use leap logic and by default understand how captain marvel reached tony stark, accepting her role in saving the universe.

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